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5 June 2014 @ 10:21pm

Drunk speeches at Cibeles: Translation | 25-05-14

Sergio: “We’re going to sing a song that I want us all to sing together.” 

 *Ramos chants from the crowd*

Sergio: “People, we’re going to sing a song that we heard a lot today at the stadium in Lisboa. But now we’re going to sing it, because we have two balls like god commands. 

Chant: "Players players, we won the final, may all the Atleti fans learn who rules the capital. Players players, we won the final, may all the Atleti fans learn who rules the capital.”


Iker: Well, first of all I would like thank you all for being here at this late hour, waiting for us to return from Lisboa.Thank you to all the fans who went to Lisboa and the fans who supported us at the Bernabeu and the fans who are here. You are all very great. I am convinced that Sergio’s goal was scored by all of you as well.” 

*Microphone goes out for a second*

Iker: You are all very great. Luka Modric, Luka Modric. *Laughs* Well, it’s very late and I’m sure you all want to go home, all my thanks….. NO? NO?  

Chant: "Como no te voy a querer, como no te voy a querer, si me has hecho campeon de Europa por decima vez." 

Sergio: Sirs, and everyone with me we repeat: CRISTIANO RONALDO LO LO LO LO. CRISTIANO RONALDO LO LO LO LO. Long live Cris, and the mother that birthed him. 

Sergio: We love you the same, all of you the same. Long live Madrid and long live the mothers who birthed us, dammit!

5 June 2014 @ 10:20pm
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Ramsey & Cazorla.

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