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20 September 2014 @ 11:47pm


football player or male model ฅ●ω●ฅ

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Sergio Ramos asked by slmafallag & Anon

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2 August 2014 @ 3:27pm
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7 June 2014 @ 7:40pm
I’m crying because I lost the semi-final for Madrid last year and I remember on that day I had promised myself that I will not forgive myself if I didn’t win the cup for Madrid next year.

Sergio Ramos to Iker Casillas after the UCL-semi-final vs. Borussia Dortmund [30/4/2013]


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5 June 2014 @ 10:11pm
2 June 2014 @ 7:14pm

Iker Casillas & Sergio Ramos in the locker room after winning La Decima | 24-05-14

1 June 2014 @ 4:47pm


Cristiano Ronaldo in the mixed zone after winning the Champions League:
Cristiano: Ramos’ season? Well, the truth is Sergio has made a motherfucking incredible year.
*laughter from the journalists*
Cristiano: “Motherfucking” can be said, right? *laughs*
Oh, Cris ♥♥♥
Source: La Sexta TV
1 June 2014 @ 3:00pm


Gracias Sergio

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