16 April 2012 @ 3:30am

My Mother's first impression of One Direction:

  • Zayn: oh. OH. that's ethnic zac efron? oh yes. yes. no he's better than zac. MUCH better. he's better than everyone. perfect. sooo attractive. wow. oh my. yes. i like him. yes. good.
  • Harry: ok. OH WAIT. your niece's boyfriend looks EXACTLY LIKE HIM but with a shaved head. EXACTLY LIKE HIM. oh. creepy.
  • Liam: ok
  • Niall: ok
  • Louis: oh is that the one you like? yes i quite like him i think. on second glance i really do. he looks mature... responsible.... he's the oldest right? he looks like... like a REAL person. so mature.
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